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UK-0064 Air Bubble Premium ...

  • More Cushioning & Object Protection Than Any Other Wrap In The Market Use Full For Packing
  • Environmental friendly bubble wrap is a pliable transparent plastic material commonly used for packing fragile items
  • Protect all your valuables with an extra layer of air - now with even more bubbles per roll at no extra charge, bubble packaging wrap will allow you to safely and securely pack your electronic devices, gadgets, china, glassware, paintings, kitchenware, porcelain and more
  • Cover all your packing needs effortlessly - our 100 meter roll of air bubble cushioning wrap is conveniently perforate every so you can easily tear a sheet and pack even smaller items without wasting any cushioning wrap. This will especially come handy for packing small glasses or gadgets
  • Corrosion durable
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