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  • Magnet Designed To Hold On One Side Only Directly To Flat Steel Surface. Multiple Poles Are Evenly Spread Across Its Surface To Prevent Sliding. It Does Not Hold Well To Other Magnets.
  • This Magnetic strip has an adhesive backing, which gives it the ability to be used on a plethora of surfaces. It is great for DIY crafts and projects!
  • It can be used as a whole or easily cut to any desired length with scissor. Afterwards you simply stick it on your surface of choice and you're ready to go.
  • Magnetic Tape can be applied to a multitude of surfaces such as metal, paper, wood, stainless steel, painted steel, aluminum, glass, plastic, walls with paint on them, ceramic tiles and more!
  • Dimensions - 2 cms x 1 Meter | Thickness - 1.2 mm | Pack of 1
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