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6093 Acrylic Multi Purpose ...

Acrylic Makeup Organizer 24 Lipstick Section Cosmetic Storage Box Make-up Lipstick Organizer / Lipstick Holder Case - 24 Compartment (Transparent Color)

24 grids design, this versatile holder not only can hold lipsticks, but also can store cosmetics, jewelries, and other small accessories in this clear holder.

Made of High-Grade Material
Crafted from clear reinforced acrylic material, solid frame, durable to use. Easy to clean.

Organize your Vanity Stash
Tired of struggling to keep all your makeup stuff from turning into a disastrous jumble inside your bathroom drawers?
Do you want to keep your makeup collection neatly organized and easily accessible, while looking good at the same time?
Then look no more! Super convenient, uniquely stylish and space-saving, this makeup organizer is a must-have for your vanity collection!

Keep it All in one Place
No more looking everywhere for your lipsticks and brushes! Now you can finally keep it all in one place and at arm’s length with this premium cosmetic stand holder.
Store everything from eyeliners, eyebrow pencils, mascaras, lipsticks and lip balms to nail polish, files, brushes and scissors and keep it all ready for use at any time!

Enough Slots for Everything you Own
Boasting a thoughtful design with 3 rows of slots in different heights, this acrylic organizer will fit pretty much everything you own!
The sturdy, stable construction will make sure to prevent your items from toppling over and help you go through your daily makeup routine in less time!

Display your Makeup in Style
Are you envious of those striking nail polish organizers you see in luxury beauty salons? Why not have one at home and display your colorful, vibrant nail polish with an unbeatable class?
Place this professional-looking clear acrylic organizer on your bathroom or bedroom counter and elevate any room’s décor in just seconds!

Convenient to Use
It is clear that you can find your lipstick or other thing you want to get quickly, which can save your time and keep your table, toilet, storage room, bathroom, bedroom organized and tidy.

Easy to Clean
High-grade acrylic material, easy to clean, keep your lipsticks clean all the time.

-This Lipstick 24 section material is acrylic clear transparent.
-This organizer is composed
-Transparent storage make you easy to spot the one you need.
-Perfect makeup storage unit for makeup users and professionals.Must have product for every dressing table or makeup room.Sleek Design, perfect for gifting.
-Keeps clutter away on the vanity, counter top, dresser, work desk, etc. by keeping everything in one place and Keep your cosmetics clean all the time.

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