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Shaving double edge safety razor for men

Made with highest quality material and carefully handcrafted for effortless shaving experience Meticulous designed to have perfect weight and ergonomic shape Ideally works straight on ingrown hair, beard, and mustache and gives a smooth shave Chrome plated brass construction friendly material and sustainable Solid, durable and cost-effective.

- Its chrome plated finishing prevents from rust, tarnish and breakage. Its firm, non-slippery grip giving extra balance needed for close precision shave at every stroke. It’s easy to clean and no beard or hair remained on razor head which leaves your skin more hygienic and healthier for life long. Finely balanced weight distribution between handle and head for optimum performance and comfortable shaving experience It is better than plastic disposable razor in terms of striking the perfect balance between affordability, convenience and shave quality. Hassle

– free blade replacement

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