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Universal Adjustable Car Steering Wheel Mobile Phone Holder with Anti Slip Design

This is a multi-functional car steering wheel universal phone holder. The clip is adjustable and enables you to mount your phone or GPS on the steering wheel, so that you can drive safely or watch easily incoming calls when driving.



1.Adopts ABS material, environmental and durable.
2.Cool fashion sense of style, hands-free, car phone correct answer.
3.Real phone navigation companion.
4.An multi-purpose, wide application.Shockproof, Anti Shake.
5.Fashion hit color design,compact,easy to carry and easy storage.
6.Elastic rubber band fixed,the steering wheel of size does not affect safety.
7.In addition, this car holder is compatible with most of mobile phone on the market.



1. From drivers closer, hands-free super-convenient answer the phone, navigation sight
2. The maximum opening , fully supports the current popular smartphone navigator.
3. Elastic fixed design: the use of an elastic rubber band fixed, the steering wheel does not affect the size of the installation.
4. Easy installation: no extra tools, just a few seconds to complete it.
5. Security: The device is highly compact steering wheel can be moved, there is no safety risk
6. Protection: The device is embedded soft silicone pad to protect your phone from scratches or scratched and so on.
7. Wear resistance, high toughness made of environmentally friendly materials, can be used for a long time.
8. The device does not affect the steering wheel cover is installed. 

Material: Made of wear-resistant and high tenacity eco-friendly material, can be used for a very long time
Clip Size: 48-76mm

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