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Multi Angle Adjustable Fold Fancy Hexagonal Shape Desktop Mobile Holder, Phone Stand

Support your device in both portrait and landscape mode. Angle adjustable and multifunctional for viewing, gaming or typing. Simply and easily to use and easily pack away when not in use. Compatible with any smart phone and tablet PC up to 10 inches. Strong, durable, portable. The Hexagonal shape Mobile stand & holder comes with a very durable & reliable material. The product is compact enough to carry in pocket also and the product is available on lowest prices



? Mobile stand provides a secure grip so you can easily text, watch videos, take better photos, and have phone drop protection. Act as a convenient stand so you can watch video on the phone for most devices and surfaces Keeps it reflective and easy

? Cell Phone Holder, Perfect for watching movies & enjoying music & playing phone games in bedroom, gym, office, exhibition and any other places. Fits for most cell phones up to max

? Colour- Black, Orange, Red & Light Green

? Support your device in both portait and landascape mode.

? Best for viewing youtube or any video, gaming or typing. Compact, light weight.

? Strong, durable, portable.nvery beautifull Simply and easily to use and easily pack away when not in use.

? Compatible with any smarphone and tablet, Handy holder stand for support your device both vertically and horizontally.

? Angles for viewing, gaming or typing, offer you the best viewing point. The axis of rotation is, Strong and durable. compact design for space-saving, portable and lightweight. Compatible with any smartphone and 5-10 INCHES.

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