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?? Professional Super Sharp Stainless Steel Kitchen Chef Butcher Knife 11 inch

?? Mutifunctional Butcher Knife
This Butcher knife is Perfect for Cutting, Chopping, Slicing, De Boning, Cleaving non-veg item, Vegetable, and coconut, easily to re-sharpen, clean and maintain. You can’t lose the most Comfortable Handle you will feel with Unrivalled Massive Cutting Performance! making this a great addition to any professional or high quality home cutlery.

?? Sharp Blade
Kitchen knife blade is Super in all side, hand-made grooves to prevent greens and non-veg residues, ensuring ultra-thin slicing and dicing with minimal effort, this 11 inch knife of wide blade keeps the cook's fingers away from the cutting surface.This pro chef’s knife comes in its own sturdy box with magnetic closure, which is easy to open and still allows for safety and protection from the stain.

?? Sharp Enough For Frozen Non-Veg Item
High carbon stainless steel is a rust resistant material that is strong and edge holding. The handle gives you lasting beauty, durability, stable dimensions, and protection from moisture.The Edges are sharp enough as it can slice the Frozen Meat Easily.

?? Features
?? Excellent Quality It is made up of high-quality steel that delivers sturdiness and makes the product very long lasting.
?? Chopping, Slicing, Dicing, Filleting, Preparing fruits, veggies, etc
?? This provides much better stability when in use.
?? The balanced weight and size makes it easy to handle.
?? Its ergonomic handle design reduces numbness in your fingers.
??To maintain the life of your knives, keep them dry and clean after each use, use non-abrasive cleaners. Use soft towels to clean.

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