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2509 Round Plastic Masala S...

? Kitchen Masala Storage Dabba Round Spice Box / Masala Dabba /  7 Compartment Spice Jar / Container ? 

Masala storage containers are just what your kitchen needs to look more organised and smart. Available in various shapes, sizes, colors and modes of convenience, this range caters to myriad needs and requirements. The range is made of food safe plastic which leaves no chemicals into your food and keeps it healthy and fresh for long.

? Air tight Box
your meals by storing and preserving essential ingredients such as spices chili powder turmeric powder seasoning mustard seeds cumin seeds herbs sprinkles and condiments.
This spice container contains a set of seven small containers and a little spoon.

? Multipurpose Box
Multipurpose box made 100% food grade BPA free Virgin material is very useful to keep spices in fresh and proper way in single box.
This storage box with air tight lid and 7 sections can be used for storing handy amount of all spices frequently used in kitchen.
It is also very useful for various other household usages like for Rangoli powder, Medicines, Tailoring Items, etc.

? Features
Masala container, maintain good health and hygiene. The lid color is in contrast with the container color to make the masala box attractive.
Separate seven removable cups for storing herbs or spices or dry fruits.
Elegant look with dual color woven design.
Airtight container, maintain good health and hygiene.
Easy to hold, pick up and carry, keep spices fresh for long hours, Helps Maintain Good Health and Hygiene, masala dani

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