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?? Kitchen storage Airtight, Transparent 3 pieces Round Jar/Container with Stainless Steel lid ??

?? Odorless Air tight Containers for Healthy and Fresh Food

The food storage canisters Containers come with an airtight seal that locks in the freshness and flavor of your food. The taste and nutritive value of your stored food is preserved for longer, making these containers optimum for the storage of dry food, pulses, and spices.
The plastic storage containers are made of premium materials and are completely free of any odor. The goal is to store your food materials safely and at an optimal nutritional level.


?? Classic Round glass jar
This storage jars are a perfect solution as a stylish storage option for your home. They become an excellent home décor and an equally functioning storage choice.

?? Efficient storage solution
Available in 3 different capacities for all yours storage needs

?? Ideal For
? Well, pretty much anything. They’re great for items around your kitchen like cookies, flour, sugar, dog treats, herbs, oats, snacks, coffee, pasta, spices, and tea. Some customers like to ? use them for DIY pickling and canning at home.
? Wide Mouth
? Made of toxin-free high glass, our durable storage canister is safe for storing cereal, flour, rice, sugar, flours, noodles, coffee beans and etc.
? No worries about harmful substances seeping into your food. Cleaning the glass canisters is not a hassle but a breeze.
? silver lid with keeps air out, creating an airtight environment to keep your food stay fresh and dry for a long time.

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