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2433 Veg Drill Vegetable Sp...

Kitchen Plastic Vegetables Drill Spiral Cutter Spiralizer Digging for Stuffed Vegetable 

Scraper for fruit and vegetables.
A hand-picked fruit and vegetable machine that comes with 4 different drill heads, Suited for a large number of fruits and vegetables, including onions, carrots, courgetters, potatoes, tomatoes and apples.
Once you have drilled the desired interior, the core of the vegetables can be used in soups or mixed with other ingredients to make delicious meals.
It only requires light pressure, is easy to use.


Product: Vegetables Drill Spiral Cutter
Type: Fruit & Vegetable Tools
Material: PP plastic
Size: 23*15*5cm
Color: Random Color, Multicolor
Weight: 65 g
Uses: rotating slices of carrots, rotating slices of carrots

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