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? Multifunctional Silicone Spill Stopper Lid Cover ? 

Kitchen Spill Stopper you will have no more burned-on spills from boiled over pasta, rice, soups, milk and starchy liquids. Reduce anxiety and worry about pots and pans boiling over and making a mess all over your stove top. Can also be used as a splatter guard when cooking Say Goodbye to messy boil overs. Great cooking gadget for Boiling Milk, Making Tea, Rice, Ghee, Pasta, Soups, etc. Multipurpose: Also a great Splatter Guard, Steamer Lid, Microwave Lid & Storage Lid.

? Multi-Purpose

Lid cover easily use as a boil over spill guard Or use as a lid to cover your food in the microwave. This lid features a steam-release vent and silicone handle that is easy to grip.

? Easy to Use

Cover the container with a spill stopper and avoid spilling off milk, rice water or spaghetti any liquid. Spill proof lid cover is heat resistant and can easily used with any size bowls, Pans, Pot and Cups.

? No more Mess

It's the perfect solution to prevent food and oil spatter in kitchen. No more mess in kitchen and oil and milk spilling around. It's easy to clean, airtight.

? Features:

? Silicon lid cover is unbreakable and it provides you more advantage over glass lid.

? It can be easily fitted to any bowls. Use it as a lid cover and pots and pan splash protector.

? Spill Stopper Lid Cover Pack of 1(1 Piece) you will get. You can easily steam the vegetables by placing them above the lid.

? It can be used as an insulation mat and Spill Stopper while cooking pasta, rice.

? This lid features a steam-release vent and silicone handle that is easy to grip.

? Convenient Use In Microwave, No More Microwave Oven Splatters Or Boil Overs.

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