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? Adjustable Plastic & Stainless Steel Flame Gas Lighter ? 

The Every Kitchen Need Daily Gas Lighter for Cooking and making Delicious Dishes and the Gas Lighter have Long life of gas for just instant haptic free for every kitchen needs. Better design and multi colors available. Can maintain flow of gas flame. Switch can locked or unlocked, too keep away from children.

? Beautiful Design and Build Quality
? High Quality
This Smart Gas Lighter is made using quality PVC and Steel material, which ensures the safety of the user.

? Ergonomic Design
The Lighter is Designed like a Gun so that the user is always at a safe distance from the flame.

? Easy to refill and Longer Usage
This is Really Easy to Refill this lighter with a 100 ml refill can, and this works 10 times longer than no gas lighter. (Note: Refill bottle Not in package).


? Easy To Use
? Very Easy to use for Varied Applications
? Candles
? Agarbattis
? Puja lamps
? Mosquito coils
? Barbeques
? Gas stoves


? Features
? Adjustable Flame
? Window Level Indicator
? Child Lock
? Refillable

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