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Abrasive Tool 100mm Angle Grinder Polishing Sanding Grinding Wheel

Alumina zirconia breaks down to produce a consistently sharp edge that cuts faster than aluminum oxide and is suitable for stock removal on all metals, including stainless steel
Stiff fiber backing provides the durability needed for weld removal and other medium pressure applications such as deburring or rust removal

The Grinding Wheel / Disc(100 mm) is a versatile and general purpose metalworking abrasive, designed to help with a variety of applications from grinding, weld removal & finishing to blending on metals like carbon steel.

Durable and Dependable
The Grinding Wheel / Disc is engineered by adhering alumina-zirconia mineral to a fibre backing using resin. The stiff fibre backing is extremely durable — vulcanized, hardened and condensed prior to being coated with mineral. It withstands wear and tends not to yield or deflect when run, which helps the abrasive stay strong, especially when grinding and finishing on edges.

Tips for Optimal Use
Altogether, fiber abrasives are rigid and deliver a fast cut for grinding and weld removal, and they come in a range of sizes to correspond to large or small welds. Fiber discs also work well for blending (creating a smooth surface after weld removal) and provide a consistent finish over the workpiece.

Good for General Purpose Metalworking
Grinding Wheel / Disc offers an economical solution for a general purpose metalworking disc, because it can perform well on a variety of projects without sacrificing performance. Given its versatility, you'll find that Grinding Wheel / Disc is applicable in many markets. As evidenced by its use in the marine, metalworking and maintenance repair operation industries, it's a great multi-purpose disc that's good to have on hand.

- Made of high quality Material, high strength, wear resistance, long service life.
- Smooth and unbroken edges, low grinding resistance, high efficiency.
- Good polishing effect, easy to deal with various rough surface.
- High grinding efficiency, low noise, easy to use.
- Used for polishing glass, ceramic, jade, marble and other materials.

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