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1646 Digital Car Tyre Infla...

Portable Electric Car / Bike / Bicycle Digital LED Display Tyre Inflator Air Compressor
Compact but powerful fast inflating tire pump with auto shut off feature to inflate mid-size care tires in 2-3 minutes. The model comes with higher precision digital pressure gauge, Bright LED lights & Longer Cable,  Air Pressure Pump

Unit equipped with Fuse & Different Nozzles made from High-quality ABS plastic and stainless steel offer great durabilityAir Pressure Pump

 Digital Display
 Auto Shut-off
 LED light
 Fast Inflation
 Low Noise
 Long Wire

 Voltage: 12 v
 Weight: 0.92 kg
 Maximum Pressure: 150 PSI
 Application: Tyre Inflation for Vehicale
 Function: Air Inflator and illumination
 Power: 120 w
 Inflation Time: 2-3 Minutes

 How to Use
 Step 1 - Connect the air inflator to the 12 v Socket
 Step 2 - Keep the engine running
 Step 3 - Connect nozzle to the valvestem
 Step 4 - These shouldn't be any air leak or hissing sound
 Step 5 - Fill the Correct Air Pressure

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