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1473 Nail Art Studio Manicu...

?? Nail Art Kit with 12 Artificial Nails, Nail Dotting Pen, Tools and Glitters Birthday Gift for Little Girls - 15 pcs set ??

Nail art set for your trendy fashionista. Set of 12 nails with unique designs. Set of 1 water based nail polish and 12 design glitter art. Comes with everything you need to create amazing manicures. Make play time fun with easy to apply nails and easy to peel off nail polish. Provides hours of fun.

Perfect for parties, sleep overs, pretend play or just for fun. Recommended for children. 5 and up It is completely safe, non-toxic for body and easy to apply and remove. The designs of nails are cute and would be random as per availability. N


?? Skillset

hand and eye co-ordination, creativity and imagination, attention span building. Nail art set includes stic on nails glue, glittering stars. Super Easy to Apply / Nail Arts For Women & girls / Professional Parlour Use Nail Arts Convenient to apply nail art at home but high quality like salon. With Nail Art Club nail wraps, you can have gorgeous, fashion-inspired nails for a fraction of the cost. Plus, there's no dry time, drive time or wait time. Just peel, press, file and go. No more smears and smudges trying to paint your right hand with your left hand. You'll be amazed at the compliments you get on your nails. Long Lasting Nail Arts You can try various other combinations, match with your mood or outfit. Just make sure that the colors are contrasting, so that it can bring the best out of your striping tape ! Self-adhesive, no glue needed. Place it on nails or tips and cut off excess length . Apply top coat for the best result. Great for designing your own nail art and nail patterns

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