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Teeth Rake Garbage Clean up Fork Digger Excavator for Gardens and Planting

This tool is built with a wide rake head, which will allow you to quickly clean leaves and small debris off your lawn. It's the versatility of this rake that makes it such a find. This rake is designed in such a way, that it can be put to work in narrow areas which are difficult to reach for conventional rakes, like under hedges or in between flower beds. When the fan head of the rake is set to a smaller position, it allows you to rake in between perennials without damaging your plants.

Product features :

Sleek Teeth Design :
This rake comes with nine teeth in the front that will help you to perform the cleaning tasks easily. They can also be used to level up the soil and gravel in the garden and backyard area.

Hard Steel Material :
This rake model is constructed with hard steel material. They will withstand high amount of pressure when you use it for your garden cleaning and leveling up needs.

Tine Design :
The front portion of the fork comes with nine tines. They are sleek and flexible to help you perform most of the tasks.

Plastic Handle :
This steel rake comes with a hard plastic handle that provides great support for your gardening needs. The hard plastic handle makes it easier to use it even in wet weather conditions.

Neck Design :
The rake comes with a sturdy neck design that is finished with chrome colour. The neck holds all the tines tightly.

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