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Wiper for cleansing and wiping of all kinds of wet and dry floor surfaces.

Wiper is compatible with all kinds of floor surfaces like dusted or wet. It has a very comfy design and handling in order to use it with safety. It can be used over any types of floor surfacing and everywhere, depending on the environment or place it is. It is very effective with their role and most of the people would like to use it, especially on kitchen and toilet or bathroom purposes just because of some usual production of water and wet surfaces over there. It is very mobile and handy through, which you can easily manage to transport it, and plus it has very light weight body that’s, why you can place it wherever you want to. It comes with an average size and create an impact of its wiping very well on dusty, muddy, wet, thick, etc. all kinds of these floor.

General: -
Material: - Plastic/SS/Silicone
Type: - Used for wiping of different kinds of floors like dust, wet, muddy etc.

Specifications: -
• Simple to use
• Safe to handle
• Compatible structure
• Having mobility
• Very effective
• Light weighted

Dimensions: -
Volume Weight (gram): - 824

Product Weight (gram): - 220

Ship Weight (gram): - 824

Length (cm): - 37

Breadth (cm): - 22

Height (cm): - 5
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