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1241 Pet Hair Remover Multi...

Double-Sided Animal Pet Hair / Fur Remover Perfect for Clothing, Couch, Carpet, Furniture, Car Seat

Work efficiency to remover pet fur as you expected. Twice swipe as double speed to get rid of unwanted hair, faster than the single-sided hair remover brush. It is incredibly economical and easy to use.

Pet Hair Remover brush makes it extremely easy to remove your pet’s hair and fur from your clothes and furniture and is itself extra simple to clean. Basically, it does all the hard work for you, so you and your home won’t be coated with hairs all the time!

Easily Removes Fur & Hair

This pet hair remover brush will keep your clothes and furniture fur-free. No refills, no waste, no power plug! Swipe the fur with the direction on the brush handle.The most convenient and mess-free way to remove dog, cat and pet's hair. Ideal Hair removal tool for Clothing, Couch, Carpet, Furniture, Car Seat.

Double-Sided Dog & Cat hair Brush & Reusable 

The double-sided pet hair remover brush can be used again and again. Durable Pet Hair Remover will serve for years. making it extremely economical and environmentally friendly. Perfect for your dogs and cats hair removal.

Easy To Self-clean and Use 

Pet Hair Remover Brush is easy to clean with the self-cleaning base. Just dip the fur-filled brush into the base, and pull it out. It will quickly remove the fur on the brush wand. Get a clean brush again. It's also very easy to use and effective, just simple wipe the cloth's surface to remove the pet hair and fur easily.

The Pet Hair Remover Brush is Perfect for

Furry Animals, Upholstered Furniture, Clothing, Carpets, Linens, Beds, Pillows, Fabric, Car seats, And More!

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